Fibre Arts Workshops


Sandra Brooks (Wellington)

'a journey with paper thread'

In this experimental workshop, participants will create threads and surfaces for weaving and stitching using Japanese kozo (mulberry) paper.

Participants will learn the technique for making threads from the paper.  These threads will then be used for weaving and/or stitching.  Paper will also be 'felted' to create surfaces that can be shaped, stitched into or woven over.

Participants can either work white on white or explore different options for using colour.

The aim of the workshop is to teach you techniques that you can incorporate into your own art practice.

No prior experience is required.

About Sandra Brooks


I am an experimental weaver and stitcher from Wellington.        I enjoy learning traditional techniques and then applying them to a contemporary context.

In my weaving practice, I enjoy using both on-loom weaving, off-loom narrow band weaving techniques and Japanese braiding.  I am particularly interested in weaving as an art form, rather than weaving for yardage.  I use a variety of fibres in my weaving, including paper yarn, both commercial and handmade.

In my stitching, I enjoy using traditional white on white techniques, using texture to define images. 

I have taught narrow band weaving, braiding and stitching in a variety of contexts as well as having worked professionally in training roles.

I have exhibited and won awards in both New Zealand and Canada.

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