Fibre Arts Workshops


Rene Corder Evans (Katikati)

Fibre, Fabric, Dye

This workshop will explore the many aspect of feltmaking using fibre, fabric and dyes.  Participants will start the week by creating a series of samples that will concentrate on dyeing the felt after it has been made rather than using previously dyed wool, to create unique patterns and marks on the felt. The many aspects of nuno felt will be explored, along with methods to create imagery and/or texture on the felt surface.  Dyeing the fabric prior to combining it with the felt, using found objects or layers of prefelts to create surface texture and enhancing the surface by stitching into the felt will also be explored.

The second half of the workshop will allow the participants to take what they have learnt and expand on those ideas by transitioning into a simple garment or pieced jacket/vest, creating a piece of wall art or completing an extensive sample portfolio exploring the many aspects of fibre, fabric and dyes.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn the many aspects to making nuno felt, how to use found objects and shibori techniques to create texture or patterns on felt, how to create texture and surface interest on felt using a variety of methods, and how to paint dyes onto felt.  They will develop an understanding of colour dying using acid dyes and the dye processes for dying wool along with using fibre reactive low water immersion dying. Participants will then take what they have learnt in the first two days and expand this into a project of their choice or they will have the opportunity to further explore aspects of nuno felt and dying by creating a comprehensive portfolio of samples.

About Rene Corder Evans


Born and educated in New Zealand, I have always had a love for fine wools.  But it was not until I returned to weaving in 1995, that I developed a deep love and appreciation for the art of felt making, and as I had been sewing from an early age, it seemed like a natural match to make clothing out of fine wool felt.

In 1996, as I was finishing my Business Administration degree, I was introduced to the Fashion Design Program at University of the Fraser Valley, Canada (UFV).  I graduated with a Diploma of Fashion Design in 1999, and then went on to teach weaving for the Fashion Department from 2001 to 2012.  I was dividing my time between creating one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces, teaching weaving at the University level and my career as a business administrator, enjoying the challenges of all three.

In 2012 I retired from both my career and University teaching and now live in both New Zealand and Canada, creating wearable art garments, exhibiting and teaching.  My pieces are held in private collections in Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and USA.

As a felt artist, I work mainly white on white and dye my felt yardage or garment afterwards mostly using a painterly technique to either create subtle colour changes or bold dramatic colour statements.

As a weaver, I work to create texture and surface interest in an otherwise two-dimensional textile.

Textiles, fashion; as a fibre artist I do not think of one without the other.


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