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Willemien de Villiers (South Africa)

'The Stained Table'

Each of us carries within us a constructed sense of self; the story of who we are, and how we are, in the world.  This story is woven from layered familial threads that twine us to our ancestors and their collective personal myths and fables, even as we dream of the future unfolding of our story.

Uncover your own personal narrative in this mind-shifting, hands-on exploration of the humble domestic stain and its metaphorical meaning in women’s lives. This workshop combines writing and slow stitch techniques to create a one-off piece of evocative narrative textile art.

Slow stitching creates a meditative space for a meaningful relationship with yourself; an ongoing, deepening conversation. Slow stitch is also a powerful tool to expand your understanding of your creative process, whichever medium you work in.

This is not an embroidery workshop, and no previous experience of hand stitching is necessary.  Your tools will be needle, thread, used domestic cloths, stains, visual images and your imagination.

About Willemien de Villers BA(FA)

Member of the 62 Group of Textile Artists (UK).

Willemien de Villiers is a South African artist and writer, currently residing in Muizenberg, Cape Town.  She is a skilled visual narrator and her work offers feminist social commentary on issues of patriarchy still evident in society today.  Broader themes include domestic violence and an investigation of gender identity, as well as narratives of unity and interconnectedness.  The use of needle and thread is vital to this process, as a subversion of the idea of needlework as docile ‘women’s work’.  She mainly uses running and darning stitch – used for centuries, and in all cultures, to mend and repair.  Her recent work is an abstract exploration of the emotional and tactile nature of these basic stitches.


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