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Dance me to the End of Love

Victoria Stevens (New Zealand) 'sublimely yours,'

Slow stitch is contemplative, can be labour intensive and results in a confluence of ideas. This is a contemporary textile workshop with cloth as the medium and stitch as the language.

The focus of this workshop is to challenge the notion of what textiles can or should depict; to shift the expected humility of Woman’s work into a narrative that celebrates the feminine. During the workshop you will be encouraged to re-interpret traditional sewing skills, challenging the perception of traditional domestic skills.

Who has seen the Wind

The workshop will explore the methods through which woman subliminally tell their stories. Participants will be challenged to think about how to use stitch as a canvas for those stories/their stories. They will be asked to think in a lifetime how we juggle so many careers – how these may interact – using their own histories as inspiration.

Warmly Yours

Participants will be stitching upon found printed fabrics and will have the option of turning their work into a three-dimensional object. I prefer to work in natural fibres and with whatever I have to hand, reinforcing my policy of recycling pre-lived textiles. The outcome inevitably produces serendipitous results.

Participants do not need to have highly technical stitching skills.


About Victoria Stevens

Victoria has an MFA (Dist) from the Dunedin School of Art. She works from her home based studio.

Victoria works predominantly in textiles but also uses the mediums of print and paint. Her work applies traditional domestic skills, interpreting them in new ways to challenge the notion of what textiles can or should depict. Currently she is working on embroidery on paper while referencing domestic traditions and rituals which women bring to the human experience.


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