Whanganui Girls College                21 - 27 April 2019


Mary Hettmansperger (USA)

Sculptural Basketry - Hard and Soft

Using ‘hard’ materials such as sticks, reed, barks and vines, participants will explore sculptural basketry.  The primary focus will be on rib construction while also expanding the options into other weaving techniques, such as plaiting, tying and random weaving.  Other ‘hard’ non-traditional materials such as wire, hardware cloth, metals and found objects will also be used to expand the possibilities.  Mary will also cover basic metalwork to allow participants to add metal and metal connections.

Linens, yarns, ropes and fibres will be used for the traditional ‘soft’ part of the workshop, along with some non-traditional materials such as paper, wires, and found items.  By using the flexible, soft materials, and the knotting, coiling and twining techniques, participants will be able to create unique and one of a kind sculptures and baskets.  Increasing, decreasing, shaping, creating tunnels and double walls are just a few of the many techniques participants will learn.  By combining the hard and soft materials, participants will have the information to construct innovative, sculptural shapes and forms with endless possibilities.

Surface design, weave patterns, metal techniques and a variety of embellishments will only add to the options available for this workshop.  Participants will be given the choice to create many structures, forms and baskets throughout the workshop while learning.  Participants may also choose one or two techniques and use them as the focus for their study for the week.  The workshop will be tailored to each individual, their skill level, and creative direction.

About Mary Hettmansperger

Mary Hettmansperger is a fibre and jewellery artist who owns Gallery 64 in Wabash, Indiana, a creative space that offers a variety of classes including jewellery, creative arts, cooking and more.

Mary conducts workshops and exhibits her work throughout the US.  With a continuous specialty in rib construction and sculptural basketry, her range of work has developed over the years to also include jewellery, metals and mixed materials.  Mary teaches her techniques and designs at fibre conferences, bead societies and guilds, basket guilds and state and international conferences.  She has been fortunate to travel to and teach in wonderful places including New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Singapore and many of the beautiful states in the US.

Mary has written three books and had her projects and work published in publications, including Beadwork, Bead and Button, Art Jewelry, Shuttle Spindle, Quilting Arts, and several others. 


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