Whanganui Girls College                22 -28 April 2018


Liz Powell -Australia - class full

Joomchi Paper Felting

Joomchi is a traditional Korean paper technique very similar to felting except with paper.  During this workshop, you will be playing with it in new and exciting ways to create multipurpose 'leather' paper.  Layers of paper can be stitched before and after felting to creating voids and windows, 'felting' in ochres and chalk pastels can be used to imbed colour; dyed paper and tissue can be layered for bleeding colour.  It can be dyed and painted, be drawn into and onto throughout the process, recycled artworks and found objects can be embedded and manipulated.  It can be moulded around forms and sewn into shapes to make samples, wall pieces, vessels, bags and wearables.

It is an incredibly versatile technique and it can all be done with your feet!

No previous experience is necessary.  We will be using commercial papers as well as whatever you would like to bring along to try.


About Liz Powell

Liz Powell is an Australian artist from Byron Shire, New South Wales.  She graduated from the National Art School, Sydney, in 1978 and has been a maker and a tutor ever since, exhibiting regularly over the last 25 years around Australia and overseas.  

Liz describes herself as a mixed media fibre artist.  Using textiles and handmade paper as a starting point, she uses a range of techniques including printing, 3D design, stitching, dyeing, drawing, metalwork, paper making and bookbinding.  She teaches a broad range of art practices, encouraging participants to remember to play, have fun and unleash the inner creative beast.


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