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Julie Ryder (Australia)

'Introduction to Natural Dyes and Mordant Printing'(workshop full)

Discover the magic of printing with mordants in conjunction with a range of natural dyes. Mordant printing is a centuries old process whereby different colours can be obtained on your cloth from just one natural dyebath.

This class will focus on several mordants and dyes as well as different printing and stamping processes. It is suitable for those wishing to extend beyond immersion dyeing to printing. It is suitable for relative beginners to the very experienced as participants can determine how to incorporate the Mordant Printing methods in their own practice.


About Julie Ryder

Julie Ryder is a Canberra based textile designer, artist and educator who has been practicing for nearly 30 years, gaining international recognition for her work. Julie exhibits regularly, nationally and internationally, with her work represented in many public and private collections, including the National Gallery of Australia (NGA), National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), the Powerhouse Museum and the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA).

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