Whanganui Girls College                22 -28 April 2018


Bryony Jennings - UK - class full

Textile Creatures - Mixed Media Sculpture

Sculpt your own characterful creature using textiles, wire and a needle and thread.  Inspired by your gathered and reclaimed fabrics, you can utilise pattern and texture, frayed edges and imperfections; patching scraps together to capture an impression of life, soul and movement.

Starting small, each participant will create a mouse or little bird, creating a form and exploring construction with wire, fabric, and stuffing.  The techniques covered in this exercise will give a feel for the possibilities when embarking on a larger creature of your choice.

There is no limit to what you wish to create, your creature can be realistic or fantastical, bearing in mind the larger and more complex the piece - the longer it will take to complete.

In a unique approach to sculpting, you will wrap, stuff, layer and hand stitch fabric over a wire armature to realise your vision.  As your work takes shape, the magic will happen; a personality will begin to emerge.  At this point you can experiment with different methods of design, to build character and suggest expression using innovative sewing and wire working techniques.

Basic sewing skills would be useful, willingness to use a needle and thread essential.

About Bryony Jennings

Bryony Rose Jennings is a sculptor and stitcher of surreal creatures created from cloth.

She covets and collects fabric, especially handmade and hand worked pieces, or those that bear the wear and tear of previous use.  Reclaimed fabric conveys a sense of life and history; which lends itself perfectly to her endeavours.

Bryony's depictions are stylised, inspired by the animals of our world, but not an attempt to replicate such beauty and perfection.  Instead the idea of a specific species informs a more surreal interpretation, unbound by reality.

Bryony's making process is slow, manipulating fabric into form, allowing a personality to develop organically as she wraps, folds, stitches and stuffs.  The covering of the animals is a labour of love, every scrap is chosen and placed to create character, texture and body.  Bryony aims to weave a little soul and magic into every beastie she creates.

Bryony usually constructs her animals over a hand built wire armature - embellishing with precious fabrics and using preloved treasures and trinkets to add the glint of an eye, or the flash of a claw.


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